Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#195 Simple Chipping Drill - Get Consistency In Your Chip Shots

What I’m going to show is a really good drill that will help you be so consistent with your chip shots, it’s going to not only help you with your chip shots, it’s going to help with your pitch shots and also with your full swing.

#194 How To Chip Consistently With Simple Technique

Today we are going to be looking at a way in which you can get more consistent with your chip shots with a very simple chipping technique.

#193 Web TV: Want Golf Consistency - Do Something About It

Are you wanting to be more consistent with your golf game? Here in this video is  what you will need to do to gain more consistency in your whole golf game during competition.

#192 Web TV: Why Do You Play Golf?

Why do you play golf? Want do you want to get out of your golf? When you get frustrated with it you want to give it up. But don't give up and this is why. Check out this video with Tiff. (The Lady Golf Teacher).

#191 Web TV: You MUST Do This With Your Putting Before You Play Golf

Nothing more frustrating then when you only have that short putt to play, about a 1 metre putt and then you miss the hole. In this video you are going to overcome missing the hole and sink the ball regularly with confidence.

#190 Web TV: How To Over Come Your Nerves With 1 Metre Putts

Are you really nervous with those 1 metre putts? Are you frightened that you are going to miss the hole, left or right, too short, or panic and the ball flies past the hole? In this video tip you will discover a way in which you can tackle the 1 metre putts to over come your nerves.

#189 Web TV: How To Build Confidence For Your 1 Metre Putts

Are you finding that when you about to play the one-meter putt, you get really nervous? It’s the difference between having a wipe on the hole or actually saving and finally getting that one point.

Well, if that’s you and you find you get really nervous as you get closer to the hole, I’m going to show you a way in which you can tackle it and build confidence in those short putts.

#188 Web TV: A Simple Way To Gain Consistent Golf Swing

The thing that I am going to do today is to show you something very simple to think about with your swing because a lot of people are not aware of what goes on in their golf swing.

#186 Web TV: How To Get A Consistent Golf Swing With Any Club

Would you like to know how to get a consistent golf swing? Especially with any golf club you use? Anything from a driver right through to your sand wedge or even lob wedge? In this video you will discover a simple technique to implement into your swing that you can apply straight away.

#185 Web TV: How To Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight

Nothing more frustrating than teeing off and watching your ball sail off into the trees. In this video I will show you how to hit your ball consistently straight off the tee. View the video now.

#184 Web TV: The Simple Way Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight

There is a way to hit your driver consistently straight and it is easy to do. All you need to do is to watch this video on how to hit your driver consistently straight then apply the simple steps shown. It will be much easier for you when you know what to work on.