#185 Web TV: How To Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight

How To Hit Your Driver Consistently Straight

 It’s driver time today and what I would like to show you is another reason why the ball could be going out to the right.

So, today I’m going to show you another golf swing and I’ll show you what has been going on in this particular lady’s swing, so you know what to go and work on. You may be doing the same thing. We’re working on this one, it’s a work in progress, but it is going to turn out so good when we’ve got the everything in place.

Today we are going to look at another driver swing because you may be doing this in your swing, I’m not sure but let’s have a look anyway. This lovely lady is Caroline, so thank you Caroline, I’m going to feature you today.

What I want you to see is what she is actually doing in her swing coming down into the ball, she is coming from up high, down into the ball and again her balls are going out to the right. Caroline is very new to the game, I’ve just started working with her but I am really excited with her progress already. We’ve worked on some short swings to help her hit the ball nice and straight, but when she goes up into the swing at the moment, when she is playing, it has been causing a little problem hitting out to the right.

I am going to show you what goes on in that swing and then I’ll show you how we can add some modifications to it so we can get it into the right direction. You may be having this issue as well.

This is the lovely Caroline and I want to show you what is going on in her swing. Caroline has been playing for about a year now and she was having a lesson with me recently and I want to show you some great things she is doing and also some things we are working on improving simply so that she can hit nice, straight tee shots and feel really good about her game and feeling the progression and so on. You could be doing this as well, in your swing, so that’s why we are looking at this one today and I’ll then show you how to fix it.

If we look here, Caroline’s setup is looking great. Now, when she takes her club back, you can see she is a little bit too far outside the line, ideally, we would want to have the club coming straight back, so when you are looking down, you want the club to be in line with the toe line. It’s coming out a little bit as she is coming up into the swing and what is happening is Caroline is just a little bit too upright. That usually happens anyway in the early stages of your golf career. The club gets too upright but that’s just a normal part of what happens when you are learning, you tend to take the club straight up. It’s alright, but we are going to work on improving that area so we can make sure we are always having a lot of straight tee shots.

As Caroline comes down from the top of her swing you can see how the club is coming straight out, it’s coming straight out this way, whereas we want it to stay inside the line. What actually happens is even when she hits a really good shot, she makes great contact with the ball, you can see how her hands are nice and straight and the club face, which is really great, but it’s just that the club comes too far out and when she comes through the ball is leaving and going pretty straight but as it goes further on down here it starts to have a bit of a tail and starts to have a little bit of side spin so starts to go out a little bit to the right.

The other thing too, is when she comes down to make contact here, you can see this area, the left arm and elbow is bending too early and she comes across the ball a little bit, which creates a bit of side spin, and as you will have remembered seeing recently, Lorraine and Jenelle’s swing, they had the same issue and I showed you last week, actually Lorraine coming through with a nice straight arm and you could see the result with the ball.

There area few little things we are going to work on but I’m going to show you something very particular in what to do in the down part of the swing, coming through with a nice straight left arm. We know what to do, we have been working on that one and that’s what we are going to be focused on.

That was interesting, because Caroline swings very upright at the moment and that’s okay, it’s all part of the progress, but we want to flatten it out a little bit so that the club can come more inside the line, as opposed to where it’s coming at the moment. It seems to be going out and then she gets caught and the left elbow sticks out, and then the ball slides out to the right.

What we want to make sure that we are working on creating a flatter piece in the back swing, so that when she comes down, her club will stay on the inside and then she can push out in front. That’s what we are going to work on.
Just to show you what I want you to do here, if you are experiencing this problem, because if the driver is quite upright we do tend to hit the ball a lot out to the right. We need to flatten it out a little bit. When you get to the setup position and you get set ready for the ball, when you go back into your swing, what I want you to do is check and see if it is flatter.

We want a nice forty-five-degree angle, not completely upright, not completely flat, we just want it in between. When you get set into that position, all I want you to work on, and this is what Caroline is going to work on also, is to come down really slow, so you can feel the club is staying inside the line, and then just push out.
Remember, work on keeping that left arm straight, not sticking out the side.

Notice I am doing the swing really slowly because I need to feel the positions. It’s all about feeling the positions, not just standing there or walking up and just whacking the ball, you have to be aware of what you are doing.
Now, one more time, get set, take the club back, have a look, see if it is flatter, forty-five degrees, come down nice and slow and then push out.

That’s what we want to be working on, creating that nice inside the line swing so we can push out, to get the ball to go nice and straight and it’s not heading out to the right.

Caroline, you are on your way, don’t worry, it’s working really great and I’m really happy with where we are seeing it.

What we’ll do with Caroline’s swing is to have a look at it in about a month or so and see the progress.

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Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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