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Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#192 Web TV: Why Do You Play Golf?

Why do you play golf? Want do you want to get out of your golf? When you get frustrated with it you want to give it up. But don't give up and this is why. Check out this video with Tiff. (The Lady Golf Teacher).

#173 Web TV: How To Approach Your First Driver Shot of The Day When Running Late

Do you find that you are always running late for the first tee, yet you seem to spray your driver into the trees. Discover how you can hit straight from..

#126 Web TV: How Challenging Is Golf - An Interview With Rhonda Purvis

Is golf challenging? Some people have the idea that people can just pick it up easily because they have played another sport before. Let's hear what Rhonda, a very experienced tennis player has to say.

#107 Web TV: Playing Golf With Robyn Burns

It's all about playing golf isn't it? Of course. Here I have an interview with a Lady Golf Teacher Community member who is sharing with you how she got her handicap down to low 20's in a few short years.

#104 Web TV: The Best Way To Lower Your Golf Handicap

The best way to lower your handicap really comprises of four elements. Watch this video and see if you can discover what are these four elements. There will be clues.

#100 Web TV: How Irene Got Her Golf Handicap Under 30

How to get your golf handicap under 30? Well when you here this inspiring video interview you will discover how Irene did it and how you can do it too.