Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#191 Web TV: You MUST Do This With Your Putting Before You Play Golf

Nothing more frustrating then when you only have that short putt to play, about a 1 metre putt and then you miss the hole. In this video you are going to overcome missing the hole and sink the ball regularly with confidence.

#190 Web TV: How To Over Come Your Nerves With 1 Metre Putts

Are you really nervous with those 1 metre putts? Are you frightened that you are going to miss the hole, left or right, too short, or panic and the ball flies past the hole? In this video tip you will discover a way in which you can tackle the 1 metre putts to over come your nerves.

#189 Web TV: How To Build Confidence For Your 1 Metre Putts

Are you finding that when you about to play the one-meter putt, you get really nervous? It’s the difference between having a wipe on the hole or actually saving and finally getting that one point.

Well, if that’s you and you find you get really nervous as you get closer to the hole, I’m going to show you a way in which you can tackle it and build confidence in those short putts.

#179 Web TV: How To Play Consistent Golf in 2018

Are you looking to play consistent golf? In this video here you will discover how to play consistent golf in 2018. You will receive an action plan to implement so that you can play consistent golf from this point forward. Are you ready? View this golf video today.

#166 Web TV: Why Those Golf Putts Are Just Not Sinking In The Hole

You know when you are just missing those golf putts, you just seem to sink the ball in the hole? There is something missing in your putting. Discover how...

#135 Web TV: Your Number 1 Putting Drill You Must Do This First

Most golfers struggle being consistent with their putts in competition rounds. Here is the number 1 putting drill that golfers should do. Watch the video demonstration.

#129 Web TV: Putting Tips-How To Improve Your Putting Accuracy

Putting is about 43 percent of your golf score, so it's important you get as many putting tips as you can and you practice them. Here you will discover how to improve your putting accuracy.

#128 Web TV: Putting Tips - Overcome Nerves With The Short Putts

Everyone loves putting tips. This is where the shots count on the green. In this video you are going to discover how to overcome your nerves with the short putts.

#127 Web TV: Putting Tips - Sink Short Putts

Putting tips, sinking those short putts. What you will discover is how to sink the short putts. All you need to know is how to focus and that is what you will discover in this video.

#101 Web TV: What Is The Best Putting Grip?

What is the best putting grip to use when you putt? In this video you will see the grip that keep your wrists secure so you don't lose control of your putter.

#96 Web TV: Improve Your Short Putting With This Drill

How to improve your putting. The first step is to concentrate on the short putts to build confidence. You will see in this putting video how you can become very solid.

#93 Web TV: Putting Challenge For You - Can You Do This?

Most golfers really struggle to get there putting consistently into the hole. There is a reason and you will discover with your putting challenge why this is so.