#135 Web TV: Your Number 1 Putting Drill You Must Do This First

Your Number 1 Putting Drill You Must Do This First

You know when you are on the course playing your game and you find that your putting stroke seems to be very, very inconsistent?

What I will show you today is the number 1 Putting Drill that you must be doing prior to going out to play your golf round.

I want to make sure that this year for you is the year of getting all your strokes in place for you, so that you are becoming more consistent in your golf game. The best place to start is your putting! If you get your putting right, this is the easiest way and quickest way to get your shots down off your handicap and get you into a more consistent game.

Our aim here to ensure that your putting stroke becomes consistent.

Now, what I see when I am coaching groups, private lessons and watching players out on the golf course... I do see a lot of inconsistency. Many golfers struggle to get their distances right at the hole, and this is caused because of tension and unsure of what they really need to be doing with their putting stroke.

Therefore, prior to you going out on the golf course, I believe this is the Number 1 Putting Drill that you should implement prior to your competition round or at the beginning of your practice regime for putting. I will stress this is the number 1 putting drill you should be doing before anything else.

This is what you need to be working on below;

  1. The intention for you is to work on the consistency of the stroke.
  2. You will not be aiming a the hole
  3. You want to be able to putt the ball and have it finish in the same place with out you looking at the final result until after you have putted all your 5 balls.

If you can putt 5 balls in a row consistently finishing in the same place, performing your putting stroke exactly the same rhythm, the same action and the same feel... then this tells us your stroke is consistent.

But if you can't do that then it's time to get to work.

The plan is here for you to stand over the ball and start working on your putts.

Here's what to do;

  1. Get ready your putter and 5 balls.
  2. Stand over the ball and putt your first ball.
  3. Make it a nice easier stroke.
  4. Then you want to repeat the same action you did on the first putt.
  5. Now keep repeating these putts until you have finished your 5 balls.
  6. Do not look to see where you have putted your 5 balls until you have completed all 5 balls.
  7. Think of the putting action as this TICK ,TOCK & HOLD.

When you are watching the above video when I am demonstrating to you what to do for this putting drill you will see my balls all finish in a similar area... very close together.

There are 2 reasons why this occurs;

  1. My stroke is exactly the same stroke every time for that particular distance.
  2. It's a gentle stroke - the technique is sound (there is no wrist movement)... it's back and through nice and easy.

Your plan for this year and for every year, should be to continually improving your putting stroke and creating your putting stroke so that it is consistent and won't let you down.

Ok, so are you ready?

Your challenge for today and every day when you are practicing your putting stroke is to apply this number 1 putting drill.

Remember these points;

  • Always feel that nice easy back and through action.
  • Always have the putter head come through past your hip after you have made contact with the ball.
  • Always have the hands come through past your hip after you have made contact with the ball.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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