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#166 Web TV: Why Those Golf Putts Are Just Not Sinking In The Hole

Why Those Golf Putts Are Just Not Sinking In The Hole

You know when you’re putting and sometimes you just miss the hole by a tiny fraction, the ball just won’t sink for you, no matter what you’re doing?

I’ll show you something today so that you are not missing those putts as often, you are actually sinking them into the hole.

So, if you are missing the hole, only just missing it, you know when you have those days where the ball just doesn’t go into the hole, the ball just will not sink and you think, if I had just sunk a few more putts it would really work for me?

I’ll show you something to be aware of, I see this quite a lot when I teach people that a tiny little thing could be missing.

I am very much about attention to detail. If you’ve had lesson with me, especially if you come and attend a consistency clinic, you will see I am very much attention to detail.
If I show you this thing that we are about to do it could be the one little thing that will help you drop shots, more often.

Okay, here we are, I’m lying on the grass but I want to show you this one thing. We are going to be working on needing to make sure that the line drawn on the ball must match the line on the putter. When we set the putter and the ball up we need to make sure that they match up. What I see a lot of is people line a ball up where they need it to go but then set the putter up differently because when you stand over the ball the perception is different. Something as simple as that, remember if you don’t match the two lines up and then start moving your putter around a little bit what starts to happen is it changes the direction to where the ball is going. You are opening the face up or closing the face.

Again, this could be something as simple as why you are missing the hole. I’m going to do a shot for you so you will see what you need to be looking for so that we make sure that everything is set up in the centre.

What you will see is the putter set in, the line on the putter and the line one the ball match. Don’t have the line on the putter going in a different direction to where we have the ball aimed, nor the other way. Make sure that they match so that when you do your stroke the ball is actually going to where you have planned it with the putter and ball lines.

So that’s what we want to make sure we are doing each time.

I hope you really enjoyed today’s tip on how to keep the putter face nice and straight so that the ball and the putter actually match up.

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