#96 Web TV: Improve Your Short Putting With This Drill

Putting - Here's how you can improve your short putting and putt with confidence.

Guess what we are going to do today?

You got it; we are going to do some putting and I’m going to show you a really good drill to do that is really going to help your putting... so that you are sinking more putts and you have got a lot of confidence with those short putts.

What we are going to do here, is work on a half metre putt with our right hand.  Now if you are a left handed putter, what I want you to do is to putt left hand only.

I’m going to demonstrate this from the right side because obviously I’m a right hander. (make sure you watch video above for the demonstration)

So, we are going to do half a metre, so we’ll say roughly it’s about half your putter length.

I recommend that you actually do this on a really flat green so that there is no break or anything with this.

Now the thing that I want you to be doing here is all about making sure the putter is coming through the ball.  When you do the putting stroke, when you are going back and through you are making sure that the right hand is finishing past that left hip.

It’s all about the follow-through in putting, it’s not about how far you take the putter back.

What we are going to do here is to work on (like I said) half metre putts with our right hand only.  When we get set for the putt and we take our bow over the ball we are going to go back and through and then we are going to go hold, each time.  (make sure you refer to video for demonstration).

Now, as you may be noticing as I am coming through, my putter face is nice and straight, which means that the palm of my right hand is facing where I want the ball to go.  That’s a big key.  So, that’s the tip that I am going to give you for today.

That tip from Tiff, is that when you are doing this putting drill, so you are going back and through, hold, but the putter face itself is staying nice and straight. So when you are coming through its staying nice and straight, it’s not twisting.

Now, I am going to give you a challenge.  I want you to do ten putts in a row.  That’s it.  Ten putts in a row with one hand, half a metre out and they have to go in in a row.  So as soon as you make a mistake, you go back and start again.

You are going to say, "oh Tiff, that’s really easy." Alright, sure it’s easy but I want you to make sure that when you are doing your putts you have to make sure that you have a tiny little back swing and it’s all about you coming through the ball.

Nice, easy, simple drill, but I know that a lot of people miss these short putts because of nerves.  We want to overcome that so that we are putting with confidence and every time you stand over that putt you know exactly what you are going to do.

That’s the tip for today get that one arm putting so solid that you never make a mistake.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika


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