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#93 Web TV: Putting Challenge For You - Can You Do This?

Putting Challenge For You - Can You Do This?

I want to see if you can do this putting challenge.

So, what are we are going to do here??

Well, I want to see if you can create your putts to get the same length with every single putt that you do.

What I see a lot of is that when golfers putt they have varying lengths.  Trying to do the same length putt but they seem to have a short putt, and then suddenly the ball will fly past because the stroke is different.

There is no consistency in the stroke.

What we want to create here is consistency.  What do golfers want?  They want consistency.  The means that not only in your swing you have consistency but you have to be very consistent with your putting stroke.

You want to be able to stand over the ball and know exactly the length of putt you are going to be able to play and the stroke is nice and consistent.

For example, if we were to perform a two or three metre putt you would want to perform that every single time, not just now and then.

That’s the difference between a pretty ordinary putter and a really good putter.  The really good putter knows exactly the distance they need to putt their stroke, they are very consistent, and they can do it time and time again.  If you want to get to that level and really improve your game, because that’s where you can do it, in your putting, it can make a huge difference in your scoring.

Now here is the putting challenge I want you to do.  Stand over your putt, swing back and through, nice and easy and I want you to see with a five ball putting challenge that you can create the same length with each putt.  Every time.

So, back and through, hold the finish.  We are creating the same distance putt each time.

So, can you do that or better?

That’s my putting challenge to you.

Can you get those five balls in a little clump to create consistency?

Nice easy stroke, nice easy rhythm.  What I want you to do now is work on that and get the five putts in a row where they are finishing the same distance which is telling me and telling you that there is consistency starting to form in your putting stroke.

That’s the putting challenge for you today.

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