Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#92 Web TV: Improve Putting Stability

Golf scores come down to your putting. Here's how you can improve putting stability so you are sinking more putts and not just missing the hole.

#91 Web TV: Improve Your Putting With This Simple Tip

Do you want to know how to improve your putting? Here is a simple tip that will help you hit straight putts once you know what you should focus on.

#90 Web TV: Improve Your Putting Technique Confidence

Ever felt so nervous over the ball to putt that you miss the hole? Here is how to gain confidence over your putting technique and sink the putts with no nerves.

#81 Web TV: Your Golf Warm Up - The 5 Metre Putting Exercise

What is the 5 metre putt exercise and how can it help you prepare for your competition games for your golf?

#80 Web TV: Your Golf Warm Up - 1 Metre Putts

One of the most important putt to focus on to help you warm up your putting stroke prior to playing out on the golf course.

#79 Web TV: Your Golf Warm Up - The Putting Warm Up

Why is warming up your putts so important. Where should you start first in your putting warm up. Find out in this video.

#67 Web TV: How to Practice Putting to Get Results

How to practice putting to get results. Check out the video on how to improve your green speed and consistency.

#66 Web TV: Here's the Answer to Better Putting

The answer to better putting is here. This answer to better putting assists with more consistent putts and you sink more putts more often.

#65 Web TV: How to Putt Better

How you can putt better more often, more consistently and sinking more putts with confidence.

#64 Web TV: One of the Great Putting Secrets - One Handed Putt Drill

In this video one of the great putting secrets to putt consistently and focused which gives you great results on the golf course.

#53 Web TV: Do You Make This Putting Mistake?

A mistake golfers make with their putting stroke. Do you make this mistake too with your putting stroke? Check out the video tip.

#50 Web TV: How to Sink More Putts

How you can sink more putts. Are you aware that putting makes up 43% of your entire score yet this is the least practiced area.