#65 Web TV: How to Putt Better

How to Putt Better

If you really want to know how to putt better, then today's tip will really help you.

You may have heard this and seen this putting drill before but this is really key to improving your putting stroke and of course scoring better on the golf course.

Now I have put this putting drill I am going to share with you in the 'Putting Plan' to get your putting stroke more consistent and hitting straight putts. If you are wondering what the 'Putting Plan' is, it is designed to get you sinking more putts more often. There is more information about it on the video above.

This putting drill you will see demonstrated in the video above is shown because I want to show you how to get results. We are all looking for results out on the golf course, we want to sink more putts more often, don't we? Of course we do.

Nothing is more exciting than hearing that ball hit the bottom of the hole, so let's sink alot more putts!

Are you ready?

What you need here are;

  • Your Putter
  • 5 Golf Balls
  • 1 Golf Tee

Set your golf tee approximately 1 metre from the hole. This is good to set your golf tee here because you don't have to remember where your golf balls need to be, your golf tee is at your starting point.

When you set yourself up in your set up position for your putting stroke, you need to make sure that your right arm is set close to your right side, as with last week's putting drill from the 'Putting Plan'.

When you take your grip, your thumbs should be pointing down. Now this is key, the palm of your right hand should be facing to where you want your ball to go. (That's if you are right handed...if you are left handed then it is your left hand I am referring to). If the palm of your hand is facing the hole (the direction to where you are aiming your ball), then the putter face will be facing that direction there to!

This is where you want to ball to go...into the hole...straight putts...the key on how to putt better.

If you apply this putting technique and you work on sinking those ball consistently into the hole...which your aim here is 20 ball in a row in the hole, it will help your focus and your concentration therefore your will perform better on the golf course.

You need to putt the ball in the hole 20 times in a row before you move onto the next drill of the putting plan. 

Here below is a great comment I received about the 'Putting Plan' from a lady called Helen...Thanks Helen for the great feedback from you and your partner.

#65 Web TV: How to Putt Better

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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