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#79 Web TV: Your Golf Warm Up - The Putting Warm Up

Your Golf Warm Up - The Putting Warm Up

What I hear constantly from clients and golfers in general is that they take three holes to warm up. And why is that?

I always asked the question, did you warm up before you played your game?

The answer is always NO!

If you don't warm up prior to your golf game, how do you expect to be able to perform the first few holes?

What I am going to show you here is your first warm up routine that you can implement into your golf warm up regime. There will be more to follow over the weeks but this is a good one to start off with.

I always recommend to begin with putting simply because you want to start off with the small muscles. It eases your body into the warm up and preparation for your golf game.

This is what you need for this warm up routine;

  • 5 golf balls
  • Your Putter
On the putting green you want to start half a metre from the hole with your right hand. If you are a left handed golfer this will be your left hand. Stand over the ball and putt, 5 putts with the 5 balls with your right hand. Once you have done that you move back to one metre from the hole and do another 5 putts with your right hand.
You then go back to half a metre from the hole and repeat except you now use both of your hands, so now you are doing two handed putts. So from half a metre you do 5 putts...and then you go back to a metre and do 10 putts with two hands.
This is something that is really simple to do and easy to do... golf should be easier than what you make it.
Enjoy your first golf warm up putting regime.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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