#66 Web TV: Here's the Answer to Better Putting

Here's the Answer to Better Putting!

Today's tip comes from the Putting Plan that I put together to get you on the right track with your golf goals.

We all want to putt better correct? 

Better putts mean better scores!

So today here is your putting help! 

I have put together this putting drill, which is quite a common putting drill in the golfing world, but I believe some golfers out there haven't seen the true value that this putting drill has to offer. So today I am going to share it with you.

This putting drill actually is called Round the World One Metre Putt!

Are you ready to go around the world without leaving the putting green? Then here we go!

What you need for this drill...

  • Your putter
  • Four golf balls
  • Four tees

On the putting green you want to set the golf tees approximately 1 metre from the hole. Tee 1 is north of the hole, Tee 2 is south of the hole, Tee 3 is east of the hole and Tee 4 is west of the hole.

Once the tees are placed in position, you then place 1 golf ball at each tee.

The plan here is to sink all four balls in a row 1 metre from the hole. Sounds pretty straight forward...doesn't it?

It won't matter which tee you start from, as long as you putt the four balls in the hole in a row. If you make a mistake and you miss the hole, then you must replace all the balls and start again.

The reason why I put this putting drill in the Putting Plan was to ensure a few things;

  1. You want to be confident sinking short putts (these are the ones that can affect you mentally)
  2. It helps your concentration
  3. It helps you focus on the putting drill at hand
  4. By concentrating on your putting drill it helps you train your mind for your short putts on the golf course
  5. This putting drill helps you adjust from different sides of the hole (you get used to the varying slope & turn of the green)
  6. This drill in general improves your focus when you stand over your ball for your golf performance in a game (an area in which many golfers struggle)

Even though this putting drill is simple it is the answer to better long as your putting technique is solid. No point in practicing the wrong putting techniques just for the sake of getting the ball in the hole. You want to ensure that you can sink the ball time and time again, hit the ball in the centre of the putter and the ball rolls forward and true into the hole.


Make sure you watch the video to find the answer to better putting!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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