#90 Web TV: Improve Your Putting Technique Confidence

Improve your putting technique and your confidence in your putting technique.

What I see out on the golf course all the time are people struggling with their putting. They get very nervous when they stand over the ball and when they perform their putt... they actually stop on the ball.

So what does that mean?

Well, what that means is that when they get set up to perform their putting technique and putt and a hole, they take a long back swing and when they come back to make contact with the ball, they stop on the ball.

When you stop on the ball, the ball bounces off the putter face, you lose control of the putt and you then make a mistake. The ball doesn't go where planned.

This occurs because fear sets in... you get frightened of making a mistake and you end up making the mistake anyway. Then you give yourself a really hard time about making a mistake.

Does this sound familiar?

How can we tackle this issue?

This is the plan for you if you are experiencing this problem with your putting technique... to build confidence in your putting stroke.

I want you to go on a putting green... important with this drill is that you do not aim at a hole. The golf hole is irrelevant in this drill.

Once you are on the putting green this is what I want you to do...

  • Set up over your ball
  • Putter in the centre of your chest
  • Swing putter back - make contact with the ball - go through the ball - and finish past the hip

In simple terms for your putting technique these are the words I want you to use when working on your putting technique.


In this putting technique drill you are not forcing the ball away... you are working on purely building your confidence with your putting stroke and finishing past your left side.

Looking forward to hearing your progress.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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