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#92 Web TV: Improve Putting Stability

Improve putting stability. 

What I see when golfers are out either practicing or playing in a game is the non stable body parts when they putt.

I’ll give you an example of what I see...

People get set and then they sway to hit their putt.  What actually happens is their body moves so much... so does the club face... therefore the ball doesn’t go straight, it goes a bit skew whiff and doesn’t go in the hole.  They think it’s their actual putter or the actual stroke, going back and through.

They may not realize that the stroke is OK but it’s what the lower half of their body is actually doing.

Here you are going to learn how to improve your putting stability.

Even if you are really good at putting and you are very stable in your putt, I want you to try this out because you will understand what you need to do to stay nice and stable.

Here below is how you can improve putting through being more stable.

This is what we are going to do.  If you are a right handed putter, I want you to put your left foot forward.  Now what I want you to do is to keep the ball in line with your left foot.  If you are a left handed putter  I what you to put the ball in line with your right foot because you are obviously going to be putting that way.

Because I am a right handed putter I’m going to do the right handed putt.  I’m going to put my left foot forward and my back foot I going to place behind my left heel and I’m going to go up onto the ball of my right foot.

Stand over, set my foot back, my right foot is not directly behind my left, it’s just in line with my hip making sure that I am balanced.

Now, I want you to stand over the ball like you normally would in a putt and I want you to keep your left leg really stable.  Now, we are going to go back and through and hold. Notice there is no wobbliness going on.

Now, I’ll do it again, get set, back, through and hold. Again, you are not seeing any swaying.

So, I want you to do ten putts, just with your left leg forward for those right handed putters.  If you are a leftie do it from your right leg and then what I want you to do is to alternate.  I want you to do one putt with your left foot forward and then I want you to do a putt with your feet apart.

I want you to see if you can repeat that nice stable movement.  That means from the waist down there is no jigging and jiving around the place.  Very stable, just swinging back and through.

This is a great drill to improve putting stability.

So, once you have worked on that or you really like my video, I want you to leave a comment and say " Hey Tiff, that was awesome, I’m going to try it or that I have tried it and it’s great, it’s made a big difference."

I want you to tell me what you like best about today’s tip.

To your golfing success,

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  • Great tip thank you, I have practised on the carpet today – will try again on the green!

    Susie Wright

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