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#80 Web TV: Your Golf Warm Up - 1 Metre Putts

Your Golf Warm Up - 1 Metre Putts

The first part of the video I have asked a friend of mine, Leonie Abbott to share her golfing experiences with you. She has take up the game around the age of 50 so she will be sharing her insights to starting the game and where she is now with her golf. But she does stress that it is an exciting game no matter what the level you play.

Now when you get to the second part of the video you will see that this is a continuation from the last warm up routine. It is another putting one that you can apply to your warm up regime.

Remember if you don’t warm up prior to your golf game, how do you expect to be able to perform from the word go or should I say the first tee?

What I am going to show you here is another warm up routine that you can implement into your golf warm up regime. 

I always recommend to begin with putting simply because you want to start off with the small muscles. It eases your body into the warm up and preparation for your golf game.

What we are going to look at today is another simple warm up routine for your putting.

This is what you need for this warm up routine;

  • You will need 5 golf balls
  • And your putter
Step out 1 metre from the hole and place down your balls 1 metre out from the hole. You then work on putting the ball into the hole from 1 metre out.
Just ensure that your technique is pretty sound, just take a look at the video as there are a few tips for you to aware of when you putt, even in warm up and practice.
Enjoy your second golf warm up putting regime.
To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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