#50 Web TV: How to Sink More Putts

How to Sink More Putts

his week I am going to show you how you can sink more putts.

Are you aware that putting makes up 43% of your entire score yet this is the least practiced area that I see... well along with bunkers, I don't see too many people practice bunkers either.

When I am teaching I see a few people warm up their putts about 5 minutes before they tee off for the day's competition and then when they return after their round they shake their head because they had missed quite a number of putts...yet they can't understand why???

You see if you are only putting for 5 minutes  before your round, maybe even 10 minutes...and that's all you can you expect to be able to score well with your putting?

Let's look at it this way, say you are putting for 10 minutes prior to your game and you play club competition three times per week, that's 30 minutes of putting for the week. Yet you are expecting to putt like a pro and sink putts like they do...and they practice their putting by the way around 4 hours a day. I just think it is unrealistic. It frustrates me only because golfers complain about their putting all the time but I rarely see them working on improving it.

Now yes you can sink more putts... but what is your technique like?

Are you hitting straight putts?

If you are not hitting straight putts, then it could be for a variety of reasons... such as your technique is not right, your are pulling the ball left or right, the club face turns as you make contact with the ball or something simple like you are not lining your up your ball.

In the video above I am showing you a really helpful practice aid that will help you hit straighter putts. It is really simple to use but it will help you understand what you need to do with the clubface so that you will hit straight putts.

Don't waste time and start practicing.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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