#127 Web TV: Putting Tips - Sink Short Putts

Putting Tips - Sink Short Putts

In Putting Tips from Tiff you are going to discover how to sink short putts more often, plus how to improve your focus on the golf course with these short putts.

In today's tip you are going to discover how to get those short putts in the hole... plus you are going to learn a simple drill that you can implement into your practice regime that is actually going to help you out on the golf course, especially when you have those short putts that you really want to sink in your competition rounds.

If you refer to the video above you will see how to set up the drill.

Here it is explained below...

When you are on the putting green ready to practice find a hole that you can use and you won't be interrupted.

You will need;

  • your putter
  • 5 tees
  • 5 balls

Place the 5 tees around the hole. The tees should be placed approximately 1 metre from the hole in a circle (around the hole).

You then place one golf ball down next to each tee.

What you then have to do is to putt each ball into the hole.

Sounds simple right?

Ok the challenge for you is to putt each ball into the hole without missing the hole. What that means is that if you miss the hole you have to start again.

Your aim here is to sink all 5 balls into the hole without missing the hole.

This will help with you teaching yourself in practice how to focus. If you are practicing your focus when you are putting, that means that it will help you when the time counts.

That means because you have applied the practice on the green, worked on putting the balls into the hole in a row, worked on sinking those short putts regularly... guess what is going to happen in your golf game?

That's right you will be able to sink your short putts with more confidence, you will be focused and yes it will work more often in competition. Just the way we like it!

A big thank you to Shirley Rose for demonstrating the drill in today's putting tips - sink short putts. It is very much appreciated.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • i will practice this drill. thank you tiff..
    anymore tips in putting?

    noemi moore
  • Sorry Tiff love your golf tips

  • Morning
    Thanks Stef ,love the tips

  • Great drill and one I will use on Tuesday, thanks Tiff

    Eve Sheppard
  • thanks tiff!
    i will practice this drill.. and see you soon…

    noemi moore

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