Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#195 Simple Chipping Drill - Get Consistency In Your Chip Shots

What I’m going to show is a really good drill that will help you be so consistent with your chip shots, it’s going to not only help you with your chip shots, it’s going to help with your pitch shots and also with your full swing.

#179 Web TV: How To Play Consistent Golf in 2018

Are you looking to play consistent golf? In this video here you will discover how to play consistent golf in 2018. You will receive an action plan to implement so that you can play consistent golf from this point forward. Are you ready? View this golf video today.

#176 Web TV: How To Chip Consistently At Hole

Do you find that you struggle to chip consistently at the hole? In this video you will discover a simple way to be more consistent with your chip shots.

#175 Web TV: Why You Struggle With Chipping in Competition Games

If you find that you are struggling with chipping in your competition games, then here is the real reason why you struggle with chipping.

#171 Web TV: Is Rhythm Important For Pitching Over Bunker?

Are you one of those golfers who just need to be pitching the ball over the bunker and be done with it or are you one of these golfers who...

#170 Web TV: How To Pitch Over Bunker Consistently

Do you get nervous when it's time to pitch your ball over the bunker and hopefully get the ball over the bunker, with ball staying on green? Here is a simple way to do it.

#152 Web TV: Which Is The Best Chipping Stance?

Which is the best chipping stance to use when playing your chip shot? In this video we will discover which one will be the best for chipping stance for you.

#151 Web TV: How To Deal With Pressure When Playing Your Chip Shot In Competition

When you are practicing your chip shot it is so much easier than when you are playing competition? Well there is a reason. Come and see in this video tip why you perform so much better in practice rather than competition.

#150 Web TV: How YOU Can Improve Your Chip Shot

What do you need to look for and how can you improve your chip shot? Come and video tip from Tiff and identify how you can improve your chip shot.

#149 Web TV: Where Should The Ball Be In Your Chip Shot?

Where is the be place to position your golf ball in your chip shot? Come see this video tip and you will discover the best ball position to play a chip shot.

#147 Web TV: How To Set Up For Your Chip Shot

Here is a very simple method on how to set up for your chip shot and play your chip shots consistently and effectively every time. No more guess work.

#144 Web TV: Which Is The Best Golf Chipping Stance

Which is the best golf chipping stance? Open, closed or square? In this video you will discover which one is the most important for effective chip shots.