#176 Web TV: How To Chip Consistently At Hole

How To Chip Consistently At Hole

Here we are, down on the edge of the green, we need to chip the ball up to the flag.

How are we going to do it to make sure that it’s reliable and consistent?

As you can see, we are here at the edge of the green and we want to chip the ball and make sure that it’s consistently reliable shot.

You would have seen the last video where I was talking about creating a nice swing rhythm with your chip shot and the need to get the balls to finish in a similar area. If you want the ball to work so it’s going to end up near the hole you had better have done your practice!

You need to make sure that when you set up to play your shot, and you are going to execute it the best you can possibly can, and you have actually done the work off the course, you have practiced and practiced so you can do it with your eyes closed, then the shot is going to work for you.

When you then come up to play your shot, in your game situation, then you just trust your swing, do your shot and then you will get your result.

The thing is, I also want you to let go of what might happen. This is where it starts to fall apart. If you have done the work and you then think “how am I going to get it close to the hole”, I don’t want you to be thinking like that. I want you to be thinking, once you have set up, ready to play your shot, that you are just going to do the best shot you can, you’ve done this thousands of times because you have practiced it. Just do the action and feel relaxed about it. That’s what I want you to make sure you are doing each time. Every time you set up and go to play your shot in competition it can be a relaxed shot because you have done the work.

Therefore, when you set up ready to go you should be nice and relaxed when you play your shot and get good results, so you are actually performing better when you are out on the course.

I hope you enjoyed that drill today, it’s really going to be a drill for you, and how you can apply it out on the course because that’s what it’s all about.

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