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#195 Simple Chipping Drill - Get Consistency In Your Chip Shots

 Simple Chipping Drill -

Get Consistency In Your Chip Shots

Tiff, The Lady Golf Teacher here. What I’m going to do today is to show you a way in which you can make your chip shot consistent. You are going to love what I am going to show you so don’t go anywhere and I’ll show you very shortly.

What I’m going to show is a really good drill that will help you be so consistent with your chip shots, it’s going to not only help you with your chip shots, it’s going to help with your pitch shots and also with your full swing.

Are you ready to know what we’ve got to do?

I’m sure you are saying "yes, Tiff I can’t wait to have this happen."

This is going to be so simple you will say "WOW" that’s so basic it can’t be that easy. But it’s not actually that hard at all, we are just going to do something really simple.

So, if you are a right handed, we will be focusing on your left arm, if you are a left handed golfer I want you to do this with your right arm. 

We are actually going to hit some shots with our left arm, remember, right-handed golfers use the left arm, left handed golfers use your right arm.
What I want you to do is to work on swinging back and through, just like a pendulum, I call it "tic- toc", tic-toc back and through and working on keeping the left arm nice and straight to play the shot.

The reason we are going to do that is to understand how still the left arm has to be, hands are not moving around, making sure the wrist stays nice and straight through the ball. I find the most effective chip shots you have is when you don’t move your hands around. If you move your hands around the golf club moves around as well.

Se the ball up in line with the centre of the chest, set the club in behind the ball, push the hand forward a little so it’s more in line with the outside of your left hip, and swing back and through.We are not trying to get the ball to go anywhere, all we are working on is keeping the arm nice and straight, back and through the ball. I’ll do it again for you so you can see, straight back, straight through, hold, nice and straight, notice there is no flicking around.

You want to see one more, why not, straight back, straight through. Something really simple, if you start work on getting that right, keeping your left arm nice and straight, straight back and straight through, an exciting thing starts to happen, you actually hit your chip shots better because you have that lovely straight arm through the ball.

I want you to go and practice that.

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip. Love it if you could leave a comment and always remember this, Tee it High and Let it Fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Natalie yes very interesting.

    Tiff :)

  • Very interesting

    Natalie Ryan
  • Hi Pamela

    Yes it should stop your chips going off to the left. Just make sure you are keeping the clubface straight at contact with the ball.

    I will send you an email with regards to getting a copy of my book. But it is on the home page of my website.

    Tiff :)

  • This will help me stop my chip shots going off to the left.
    Also, I would be interested in buying a copy of your book, if you could tell me where I can get a copy.
    Best wishes,

    Pamela Campbell
  • Hi Karen
    Good to hear you were so keen to practise late at night! It is simple, just need to spend a bit of time practising it.
    All is well and I trust the same with you. x Tiff :)


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