Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#204 Most Simple Bunker Lesson You'll Ever Have

Struggling in the bunker? Here you will get step by step instructions how to hit out of the bunker with confidence.

#179 Web TV: How To Play Consistent Golf in 2018

Are you looking to play consistent golf? In this video here you will discover how to play consistent golf in 2018. You will receive an action plan to implement so that you can play consistent golf from this point forward. Are you ready? View this golf video today.

#174 Web TV: How To Play Your First Golf Hole Of The Day

Have you ever found that you right yourself off after you have played your first golf hole of the day? Discover how you can approach this for starting...

#171 Web TV: Is Rhythm Important For Pitching Over Bunker?

Are you one of those golfers who just need to be pitching the ball over the bunker and be done with it or are you one of these golfers who...

#170 Web TV: How To Pitch Over Bunker Consistently

Do you get nervous when it's time to pitch your ball over the bunker and hopefully get the ball over the bunker, with ball staying on green? Here is a simple way to do it.

#169 Web TV: Do You Struggle Hitting Out Of Bunkers - Part 3

Bunkers can be a golfer's nemesis, simply because they don't know how to hit the ball bunkers. If this is you, here is a simple way to hit out of bunkers.

#168 Web TV: Do You Struggle Hitting Out Of Bunkers - Part 2

Bunkers! Are you struggling to get the ball out of the bunker? Discover in the video how you can get the ball out of the bunkers with this simple technique.

#167 Web TV: Do You Struggle Hitting Out Of Bunkers - Part 1

Do you struggle hitting your ball out of bunkers? Here is a simple video tip that can help you to get the ball out of the bunker regularly.

#161 Web TV: How To Hit Bunker Shot From High Side Of Bunker

Hitting out of a bunker can be challenging enough. But, what if it was up the high side of the bunker and yes better still plugged? What to do? View this video and you will discover an easy way to approach it.

#160 Web TV: Pitching Over The Bunker Without Nerves

What do you think about when the ball is in front over the bunker and you have to pitch it over and get the ball on the green? In this video discover what you need to do to control your nerves.

#123 Web TV: Hitting Over Bunker - Get The Right Distance

Hitting over a bunker can be nerve racking to say the least. But if you get it over the bunker how can you get the ball to stay on the green? Here's a video to show you how to work it out.

#120 Web TV: How To Hit Over A Bunker

Golfers stress when they have to hit a ball over the bunker, especially when they are close to the green. In this video you are going to discover how to hit over the bunker in a simple way.