#160 Web TV: Pitching Over The Bunker Without Nerves

Pitching Over The Bunker Without Nerves

What do you see over there? It’s a bunker. Oh, my goodness.

What do you see beyond the bunker? It’s the green.

So what’s going through your head when you are in this position? I know. You will be saying Tiff, "all I’m thinking about is the bunker."

Welcome to today’s tip. We have a bunker and we have a green. What goes on through your mind when you’re in this position? (Please ball, please don’t go into the bunker)

What I’m going to show you is a way in which you can tackle it. We don’t worry about the ball going into the bunker and we don’t even worry about where the ball is going to end up. If you get too worked up about where the ball is going to end up, guess what, it will either end up in the bunker or fly over the top of the green and on the other side there could be a bunker.

This is what we are going to focus on. We know the bunker is there and there is nothing you can do about it. The only way you can change what you do about the bunker is to change your approach to the bunker.
We’re not aiming for the bunker we’re actually aiming to pitch the ball over the bunker and that’s what we need to be focus on.

If you’re standing over the ball and there’s a bunker, you hit the ball and it goes into the bunker. Why do you think it went into the bunker? (It went into the bunker because you were saying bunker, right?) Exactly, the last thing that your mind thinks of is the last thought that has gone into it. Which means if you have thought about bunker and that’s the last thought when you are about to play your shot, guess what is going to happen? It’s going to go into the bunker.

Our last thought needs to be playing the best possible shot we can right here. The other thing too, is I want you to let go of the outcome. What I mean by that is where the hole is. If you are so focus on getting it over the bunker and onto the green near the hole, you can imagine what it is doing to your mind when you are standing over the ball. You’re not going to be focus on the shot, you are going to be worried about what is going to happen on the green.

The point I want to make today is the focus you want to have on playing the best shot that you can here. Let go of what happens when the ball lands.

If you are focused on the area behind the bunker you are not going to be focus on what you are doing here. I want you to focus on what you have to do here. Regardless of what happens.

The promise you are going to make to me is that when you go to play this shot you are focused.

All I want to do here is to play the best shot I can. You can see that I didn’t force the ball, I just focused on playing the shot, the ball has finished around the middle of the green, so that’s great. The pin is a little bit towards the front of the green, all good, but, I’m not in any trouble. I have executed what I wanted. Why?

Because I focused on what happened here.

So that was pretty simple, wasn’t it?

Focus on what you have to do now and let the result happen. Nice and easy.

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