#161 Web TV: How To Hit Bunker Shot From High Side Of Bunker

How To Hit Bunker Shot From High Side Of Bunker

Where am I?

Can you see where the ball is, plugged isn’t it?

Up in the high side of the bunker.

How do we hit it?

You don’t know?

Well, that’s what we are going to discover!

Today I thought it was important that you know how to actually get your ball out of the bunker. We get into this situation every so often, not all the time, just every so often where the ball is plugged in up on the high end of the bunker and we have to play it.

So, what do we do?

Firstly, I’m going to show you what you should not do. This is what I see, people get set and then go to play the shot and what happens is that they try and lift the ball out of the bunker. What actually happens is they try to lift their arms and their shoulders, and then what happens?

The ball just runs straight back down and guess what?

It’s another bunker shot!

What we want to do here is we only want the one bunker shot. We don’t want two.

Now we’ll work or getting it out of the bunker and I’m going to show you how to do it.

The thing we need to make sure of is when we are playing this shot we need to make sure that the club face stays nice and straight coming through. When we play the shot and the club hits the sand we have to make sure the club continues to stay straight all the way through. When you bring the club through the face needs to stay nice and straight. It doesn’t want to turn and twist around. That’s what we’re going to be working on.

I’m just going to do a practice swing for you so you can see what I mean. Going back, through and hold.

Make sure the ball is in line with the left foot. The thing is that when you are doing this, the weight will feel more on your right leg, because it’s the lower part. The left leg obviously needs to have the leg bent.

Now, we’re going to work on holding that position. Back, through and hold.

What you would have seen was the ball travelling out of the bunker but what you would also have seen was me coming through and holding the position.

That is exactly what you need to do.

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