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#149 Web TV: Where Should The Ball Be In Your Chip Shot?

Where Should The Ball Be In Your Chip Shot?

Where is the best place to put your ball when you are actually getting ready to play a chip shot? Not sure?

Today I’m going to show you a simple chip and run shot but we’re also going to be looking at where the ball position should be.

Whether we should have the ball in line with the left heel, in the centre of our body or in line with the back heel.
It’s really important to look at the ball position. You need to make sure you are playing the right shot for whatever it is that you are doing.

In this particular shot, we are on the fringe of the green. Normally, if the pin is quite close you would obviously putt it, but for the purposes of this exercise I want you to see the different results with what actually happens to the ball when I play the shot.

I want you to experiment this, by the way, this is purely so you can experiment and discover which is the best ball position for you of where you should be placing the ball.

I’m going to put the ball in line with the inside of my left heel on this one.

  • What you need to do is to place your feet, with a club head space in between.
  • I have the ball placed on the inside of my left heel,
  • I’ll push my hands forward and then do the shot.

The ball comes off quite nicely, it pops up quite okay and it feels alright, it doesn’t feel any different from anything else.

If we put the ball in the centre of the stance, when you put the ball down, put it in line with the centre of your chest and then when you do the shot it will feel nicer.

Even though I had the ball forward in the stance, inside the left heel, it actually still felt okay but once I put the ball in the centre of the stance I could really feel the difference between the result of the ball, a much more solid feel and it’s going to be a much more reliable shot for you.

I’m doing this so that you can then go and experiment and see the differences you will discover from it. Remember, you need to have your technique right as well when you are doing it but ball position is very, very important.

For this one I’m going to play the ball on the inside of my right heel and I’m going to play the shot. I’m going to push my hands forward, back and through and you can see that the ball really jumps of the clubface with that one. That was actually quite a good shot as well. I quite liked that one too.

So the one where the ball was on the inside of the left heel is probably not ideal, you can get away with it but it’s not ideal, it doesn’t have the same result or feel off the clubface that the ball we played off the centre of the stance or the ball played on the inside of the right heel.

I wouldn’t recommend that one, you would want to be going somewhere in between the ball position in the middle of the stance or that ball position at the back of the stance. The ball position in line with the centre of the chest or the ball position in line with the inside of the right heel.

I do want you to go and experiment with it and see what it feels like and then I want you to come back and give me some feedback and what you have discovered.

It’s really important that you come back and tell me that "hey, Tiff, I tried this out and this is what I discovered when I actually tried out playing different ball positions."

It’s really important that you discover it too.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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