#190 Web TV: How To Over Come Your Nerves With 1 Metre Putts

How To Over Come Your Nerves With 1 Metre Putts

Are you really nervous with the short putts?

You know the ones where you are about a metre out and thinking, if I can just get this in I can save a shot, I’m not going to get a wipe, everything is going to be okay, is that you?

Today I’m going to show you a way to tackle the nerves around those short putts. Something really simple to tackle the short putts, building confidence. If you get the confidence in the short putts, you can do anything.

As you can see, I’m near the hole and I’m going to leave the flag in so you can see the hole and know what to do because you are able see it.

Measure about a stride out which is roughly about a metre. We want to work on the short putts, so we are not making the errors with short putting distance. We want to make sure that we have confidence.

Before I show you that, how often do you practice your putting?

I want you to yell out an answer to me, I know it’s a video and I can’t hear you but realistically, how much time do you spend on your putting?

Did you say five minutes just before I go and play? Most people that come to me for clinics, when I ask the question, it’s usually around five minutes and then they go out and play and then want everything to happen for them.

If you are only spending five minutes maybe once or twice a week, working on your putts, do you think you are going to be a really awesome putter, and do you think you will be able to tackle the short putts when you have a lot of problems?

What we want to do is to beat that problem, don’t we?

If you find you are pressured for time, do this particular exercise, even if you do not do anything else on the putting green, do this one. Build the confidence in the short putts!

All I want you to do is measure about a metre out and what I want you to focus on is going through the ball and start working on feeling the stroke.

  • From a metre out, what does it feel like?
  • How far do you have to take you club back and through?
  • Is it a big backswing, is it a small backswing?
  • Do you have to hit it hard or do you come through nice and soft?

These are the questions I’m asking you because when you do your shot you need to be aware of these things.

If you know how you actually play your one metre putts, then you know what you need to do when you are on the green in competition.

If you are struggling because you are so nervous and you only have one shot left, you want to play the metre putt because you have spent the time and let me stress it, spent the time, practicing, it will give you confidence.

As you can see, all I am doing here is practicing my stroke at the hole.

You’ll get more drills in the future of what to do, but this one I want you to focus on, really how far back and how far through you really need to hit the putt, and is it hard, or is it soft or what’s the kind of feeling that I am creating with the putt.

You won’t know unless you go and spend the time working on it.

How did you find that?

It’s pretty cool, very simple, just finding the feel, what does it feel like, how far back, how far through do you bring your putter for a one metre putt?

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Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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