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Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#179 Web TV: How To Play Consistent Golf in 2018

Are you looking to play consistent golf? In this video here you will discover how to play consistent golf in 2018. You will receive an action plan to implement so that you can play consistent golf from this point forward. Are you ready? View this golf video today.

#178 Web TV: How To Get Consistency With Your Golf Swing

Are you frustrated that you can't get consistency with your golf swing? In this video discover how to gain consistency with your golf swing.

#176 Web TV: How To Chip Consistently At Hole

Do you find that you struggle to chip consistently at the hole? In this video you will discover a simple way to be more consistent with your chip shots.

#175 Web TV: Why You Struggle With Chipping in Competition Games

If you find that you are struggling with chipping in your competition games, then here is the real reason why you struggle with chipping.

#174 Web TV: How To Play Your First Golf Hole Of The Day

Have you ever found that you right yourself off after you have played your first golf hole of the day? Discover how you can approach this for starting...

#173 Web TV: How To Approach Your First Driver Shot of The Day When Running Late

Do you find that you are always running late for the first tee, yet you seem to spray your driver into the trees. Discover how you can hit straight from..

#172 Web TV: Driver Distance Or Driver Accuracy - What's More Important In Golf Game?

What is more important to you. The distance with your driver or the accuracy with your driver? View this video and discover what is most important for you ..

#162 Web TV: The Golf Swing Takeaway

The golf swing takeaway is one of the most important elements in your golf swing, yet golfers struggle with it. View this video to ensure you have a good golf swing takeaway for consistent straight shots.

#158 Web TV: How To Play Your 2nd Shot Without Stuffing It Up

Do you always feel nervous when you are about to play your 2nd shot? Are you worried that as usual you are going to stuff it up? View this video to see how to play your 2nd shot successfully.

#157 Web TV: How Do You Set Up To Play Your 2nd Shot Successfully - Part 1

Why is it that you can hit a reasonable drive off the tee yet your 2nd shot just is not as good, there are miss hits etc? In this video you will discover how to hit a better second shot.

#156 Web TV: How to Play Your Driver First Shot on the First Tee

Nothing is more nerve racking than standing on the first tee wanting to play the driver straight and start with a good shot off the first tee. In this video I will show you how to play your driver off the first tee with ease.

#155 Web TV: How To Hit A Driver Straight Side View

There is one simple element you need to look for. And this is what you are shown in this video, how to hit a driver straight. If you get it right you will get straight shots consistently.