Video Golf Tips With Tiff

#156 Web TV: How to Play Your Driver First Shot on the First Tee

Nothing is more nerve racking than standing on the first tee wanting to play the driver straight and start with a good shot off the first tee. In this video I will show you how to play your driver off the first tee with ease.

#26 Web TV: How to Make Solid Contact with the Driver for the Golf Swing

How to make solid contact with your driver, be consistent and stronger off the tee! Get that driver working.

#21 Web TV: Golf Pre-Shot Routine with Driver

A golf pre-shot routine that you can use with your driver. Check out this video. You can try out my routine.

#122 Web TV: Golf Driving Tips – Are You Doing This With Both Your Shoulders?

Are you searching for golf driving tips? There is no quick fix when it comes to the driver but you will need to ensure you are doing this with both your shoulders.