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Weight Loss Series: Is There A Perfect Way To Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Series: Is There A Perfect Way To Lose Weight? 

What is the perfect way for you to lose weight and kick that diet good-bye and yeah... actually get results and feel like things are working?

The reason that I have put this weight loss series together and go through the process myself, is because rather than just someone telling you what to do, you get to see what is actually going on... and you are not alone.

It has been an interesting time... you may have already seen the previous videos but if not here they are here;

Weight Loss Series: Are You Aware of How To Lose Weight and Weight Loss Series: How To Lose Weight - Overcome the Frustration. ... as well as being over 40 (46 at time of recording this video) I too was finding it hard. My body just wasn't responding the way it used to when I was younger. And as you will see in these videos above it wasn't the hormones or me getting older, it was the amount of food I was eating (even though it was healthy food)!

So moving forward... what have I been doing to get the results and weight loss or should I say reduction in body fat occurring?

I share here with you below.

I was aware that to lose weight you shouldn't eat more than 1500 calories. (That is for a woman, for a man it is 1800 calories). This is what the information is saying online... so my thoughts were ok! Let's test it! I will use me as the test!

Now it was to figure out which is the best way to eat 1500 calories throughout the day without starving?

What I could see there were 3 options.

Option 1:

  • 3 meals at 500 calories per day (no snacks)

Option 2:

  • 3 meals at 400 calories each per day plus 3 100 calorie snacks

Option 3:

  • 6 meals at 250 calories each per day

Option 1 was not appealing as I could only have 3 meals and no snacks... I would have felt like I was depriving myself, I couldn't eat any snacks throughout the day. This option was not going to work.

Option 2 again was not appealing either as I was limited in the amount of calorie snack options and again I didn't want to feel like I was depriving myself from eating, nor feeling as though I have to fill up again waiting around for the next time I was going to eat. It feels like an obsession then. Not a good feeling.

Option 3 appealed to me as even though the meals were smaller than the meals I was brought up on and have been conditioned myself to eat over the years, I found this option more appealing as I could eat more frequently and I wouldn't feel as though I was missing out.

So Option 3 was the decision!

The next step was to look at the food I was going to be eating (no more than 250 calories) per meal. I didn't want to have that feeling I was going to be starving for food. So I wanted to ensure I would feel content (not full) but not feeling like I needed to have more food either.

This is basically what I do on a daily basis;

7am Breakfast: Half Protein Shake

10am: 2 eggs with tin of chicken (omlette)

1.30pm: 1 tin of chicken with beans & broccoli

4pm: Protein snacks, apple, rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, 6 almonds etc.

6pm Dinner: 1 tin of chicken with beans, broccoli & sweet potato.

7pm Dessert: Half Protein Shake

I do that 5 days per week. I schedule it in what days I do that.

I have 1 day where I do a cleanse day (fasting) and 1 day that I eat whatever I like.

The most important point here I want to make to you is that if you truly want weight loss. Make the decision to do it. Once you make the decision and make a few behavourial changes it actually is much easier to do.

But it is up to you to make that decision.

Plan this out to do it for 30 days... you won't notice a difference after doing it for a day, you will notice slight changes after a week, but you will notice your body responding and changing after 30 days.

But don't just do it for 30 days... 30 days is the starting point, not the finish point.

I hope you enjoy it, I hope you get to work on it and what I would love you to do is to leave a comment and share with me what you like best about what you heard today.
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Aim For The Stars & Take Massive Action!

To your abundance,

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Tiffany Mika

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