Weight Loss Series: How To Lose Weight - Overcome The Frustration

How To Lose Weight - Overcome The Frustration

  Are you frustrated that no matter what you are doing you are just not losing weight?

It just won't come off and you like me over 40 and you just don't know what to do?  I go to the gym I eat all the right
food... I don't even drink alcohol some people do but I don't even drink alcohol... yet, I'm still carrying extra weight and it doesn't seem to be coming off!
What I do I do? That's what we are going to talk about today.
Being over 40 it's not great is it... because what starts to happen is our bodies start to change so this date that I've actually recorded this video I'm 46 years old. I decided that it was time to do something because I was really
frustrated with and I have been frustrated with my weight for a number of years now. I've noticed a lot of changes happen since I've turned 40... just all of a sudden that big 40 comes around and the body doesn't seem to respond the way it did a teenager, in my 20's and 30's. The body just doesn't seem to respond the same way.
I also consider myself an athlete right so I played professional tennis in my late teens, early 20's. I taught tennis, I ran a sports skills program for kids... I also teach golf and I learned to play golf  in my 30's and I teach golf and I've been really really frustrated with weight because it doesn't matter what I'm doing it just doesn't seem to come off.
A few weeks ago I spoke with my chiro about is as I was so frustrated I just don't know what I'm doing wrong because I'm doing everything right and I'm not losing weight I'm actually putting weight on and I don't know why?
What we did was to analyze what I was actually eating you know what I was so simple. Things like I had peas in my vegetable routine... I was eating too many nuts... I wasn't eating enough meat protein as I've gone off red meat so I
wasn't really over keen on eating meat.
So I have made a couple of adjustments... this is just the beginning of the journey and this is why I wanted to record this video was to share my experience with you and bring you on the journey with me.
If you are struggling with weight loss I can show you some things that I've done to make some changes and will help you get the results that want.
Basically how I've got started... I'm actually four weeks into it now I actually wanted to record this video four weeks ago but I wasn't happy with how I was looking to be honest. I wasn't over overweight I was just putting on weight and it was really frustrating for me because coming from the background where I see myself as an athlete... yet I was still struggling with weight and I just couldn't understand why because I've always trained all my life and my body just wasn't responding.
I was asking the question like well "is it because I'm over 40 and my hormones are changing?"
You know "I don't know,  I don't know what's going on my body just won't respond!"
I've actually made only slight changes but it's made a big difference already. I weighed myself four weeks before I started this I was 74 kilos. I was quite upset about that because I've never been 74 kilos in my life!
Even in my past my 20's or early 30's where I thought that I was carrying a bit too much weight I've never been this
heavy.  I said "how is this possible that I'm 74 kilos?"
My confusion was I trained at the gym and we all understand that muscles heavier than fat... I was really confused and really frustrated by that so I didn't record anything in the beginning of this journey.
So you're seeing me as I am now but I'm not where I want to be yet so I'm going to bring you on the weight loss journey with me and show you what I've been doing.
We are going to take some guesswork out for you. In the video above I also share with you the measurements I took about 2 weeks prior to recording this video, simply because weighing on the scales doesn't tell the whole story. It is just an overall result. It's good to measure yourself as it is important to see there are some changes happening, even if you can't see it with the naked eye... you will see it with the measurements and you will feel it with your body.
So make sure you watch the video above to know what to measure.
I wanted to share with you that yes I understand that you're frustrated if you're carrying extra weight and you want to lose weight and you're over forty or the body's just not responding.  It's just making some tweaks to what you're actually doing.
To start just have a look and analyze what you are actually eating. Plus record the amount of calories you are eating throughout the day. It may just be a lack of awareness.
The hardest thing is actually to be honest with yourself because I found that really hard actually I'm admitting that it's me as it's my fault I'm 100% responsible for what I put in my mouth. I discovered I was a guts as simple as that! I enjoy food I was eating a lot of food. I was treating my body like it was when I was training to be a professional tennis player and training to be a professional golfer. I wasn't expending the amount of energy that I was consuming... it's different when you're when you're training all the time as an athlete.
I hope you enjoy it, I hope you get to work on it and what I would love you to do is to leave a comment and share with me what you like best about what you heard today.
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Aim For The Stars & Take Massive Action!

To your abundance,

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