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Weight Loss Series: Are You Aware Of How To Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Series: Are You Aware Of How To Lose Weight?

Are you really aware of what you are eating?

You know that thing you say, you are what you eat!

I am going to take you on my journey, and share with you what I was eating that was putting on the weight, even though 80% of the food was really healthy.

I was really frustrated with putting on weight, I was watching it happen over time. I was actually feeling depressed about it and I thought it was just me being over 40 that was holding me back from dropping some weight.

Yes it was me that was holding me back because it was the decisions I was making .

What I am going to show you are the foods I was eating (refer to video) before I decided to make a change and then leading into a conversation with my Chiropractor and we talked about what was actually going on by the food I was consuming.

A few years ago I was carrying extra weight and I decided to make the first change. I started to eat a lot more vegetables (than I had been)... but not much protein. I ate a lot of sweet potato, green peas, beans and broccoli plus quite a bit of tofu, as I had gone off meat, just lost the taste for it... and I ate a lot of nuts (almonds).  I didn't eat eggs etc.

I was tossing up whether to go vegan or vegetarian, I wasn't really sure which path I was going to head down but both were the better option at the time when I started down this path.

Also I was listening to a podcast (as I listen to many), and in that podcast show the interviewee was talking about if you took protein 20 minutes within the first 20 minutes of waking up that would help kick start the fat burning process and increase metabolism.

Now I was already having a protein shake for breakfast so added to the food regime was then half a protein shake prior within the 20 minutes of awakening.

So the daily routine was this;

  • Half protein shake within 20 minutes of awakening.
  • Full Protein shake after training at gym
  • Snacks - big handfuls of nuts, , grapes, apples, bananas, smoothies with cherries & blueberries, museli with honey and/or peanut butter
  • For Lunch & Dinner - big bowls of vegetables, with nuts or tofu

Of course I did get some results, and trimmed down a bit. I ended up losing around 15 to 20 cms off body in that time. Which was over the course of about 3 to 4 months. The process seemed slow, but I was ok with that as I was tracking measures and lost a few kilos. Therefore I was seeing some results.

I do love food. I love to eat food, who doesn't? However I am a guts, I do like to eat a lot of food. So by making a few changes as above I could justify it because I felt I could still eat a lot of food. I have always been active for most of my life, as I played pro tennis, had tennis coaching business, kids sports skills business and golf coaching business... but not as active over the last 4 years. Simply because I was working on building my business online. However, I still ate the same amount of volume of food as that is what I had always done. However the last 4 years I had not been as active.

Sure too, I did have a few lollies and chocolates here and there (not over the top either)... but I was still putting on the weight.

So when it came time to actually looking at what I ate... the reality was I was eating too much food and I also identified I wasn't burning enough energy ( I share this more on another video).

What you want to do here is to analyze the type of food you are eating and how much food you are eating... because at the end of the day it is going to be the amount of calories that you are going to put in your body versus the amount of calories that you are burning.

It is as simple as that!

It sounds obvious wouldn't you agree?

This is a suggestion on your first step;

  1. Analyze the amount of food you are eating.
  2. How many calories are you consuming.
  3. How many calories you are burning throughout the day.
I hope you enjoy it, I hope you get to work on it and what I would love you to do is to leave a comment and share with me what you like best about what you heard today.
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Aim For The Stars & Take Massive Action!

To your abundance,

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