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Are There Benefits For Women To Use A Pre-Work Out Supplement?

When it comes to exercise, chances are you’ve struggled at one time or another with motivation, focus, or even fatigue. Whether it’s one of these, or all the above, these pitfalls can be detrimental to your workout routine.

The good news is a pre-workout supplement is one way to kick-start your exercise routine and get back on track.

But when it comes to pre-workout supplements, much of the research has been centered on men.

So, are there any benefits for women who use a pre-workout supplement?

Recent research, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, highlights the benefits of a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement for women.

Scientists found that women who ingested a pre-workout drink containing ingredients such as beta-alanine, taurine, beet root extract, and caffeine, experienced increased endurance, aerobic capacity, metabolism, and focus.

Study Details

In the double-blind, crossover study, a group of 15 recreationally active women completed separate exercise sessions where they consumed a placebo or pre-workout drink.

Following ingestion of the pre-work out drink, the participants completed a vertical jump test, muscular endurance tests including bench press and back squat exercises, and maximal sprint tests.

The researchers found that, following even just a single dose, a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement led to increased upper body muscular endurance and increased focus.

Participants also had increases in resting energy expenditure and resting metabolism, without adverse effects on heart rate. Metabolic rate increased for up to 60 minutes after ingestion of the supplement.

These findings support the use of multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements in women.

Although much of the research on this subject has involved male subjects, this study shows that use of pre-workouts can be just as effective for women — improving their quality of exercise.

AMPED for Women

Isagenix offers two pre-workout products — AMPED™ Power and AMPED Nox. Both multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements are available for female athletes looking to optimize their workouts.

The emerging research is clear –

female athletes can benefit from the use of a pre-workout supplement.

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Cameron M, Camic CL, Doberstein S, et al. The acute effects of a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement on resting energy expenditure and exercise performance in recreationally active females. J Int Soc Sport Nutr. 2018 Jan 5; 15: 1.

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