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The 7 Questions You Must Ask When Setting Goals For This Last Quarter

When you are setting your goals, are there particular questions that you ask to ensure you are setting yourself up for success in your quarter, or do you leave it to chance? In this episode Tiff lays out a plan for you to finish this year strong.

You will need your journal for this one... so get ready to take some notes.

Here are the 7 questions below you must work through to set up your goals to finish strong this last quarter of the year.

1. What are my goals for this quarter (October - December)?
2. Why are these goals imporant to me?
3. Who must I become to achieve these goals?
4. What is my Ultimate dream?
5. Why is this Ultimate dream important to me?
6. What is my first goal for this quarter (October to December)?
6a. What are my Big 5 (5 essential steps) for my first goal? (reverse engineer - work backwards to starting point)?
6b. What are my Big 5 actions steps? (beginning from starting point - flip 6a around)?
6c. When will this goal be completed? What is the deadline date? How many days to complete the goal?
6d. What are the phases (all the action steps in each phase - the detail) for completion of this goal?

**If you have more than one goal for this quarter - repeat the same questions from 6 to 6d.**

7. What is my GPS Plan? (Goal, Purpose, Strategy)
This should be a one page divided into 3 columns - Goal, Purpose, Strategy for each goal.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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