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#98 Web TV: Improve Your Pitch Shot With This Simple Technique

Would you like to know how to improve your pitch shot with this one simple technique?

I’m going to show you something that is going to be really good for your pitch shot as well as your chip shots especially chipping over bunkers, that I really believe you need to be aware of right now so that you can get to work on it.

What we are going to be working on today with your pitch shot is creating softness. Now, my clients know all about this because I get them to do it quite a bit especially in clinics and so on that they come to.  I want to make sure that they are not tense when they go to hit the ball and the problem why we make mistakes is because we get tense.

I’m sure that you are nodding your head right now and saying Tiff, "yes, I get so tense that I feel like my knuckles go white."  It’s because you hold onto the club so tight.  You can relate, right?

I was like this too when I first started golf I used to grip, you know, grip it and rip it. Which we don’t want to do.

What I want you to do here is to create softness.  You are thinking, how is that going to happen?

I am going to get you to do something out of your comfort zone.  I am going to get you to have a very loose grip.  In saying that, I’m not saying let’s be so loose that the club drops and falls out of the hand.  I don’t mean that.  I mean that you want to have a firm grip so that the club doesn’t move in the hand but I also in saying that I want you to make sure that the hands feel soft at the same time.  Your knuckles don't want to be white.

How are we going to do it?

I want you to think of ten being almost to the point where you can feel like the club will snap in your hands.  And I want you to feel like one is so limp that it will just twist out of your hand as soon as you make contact with the ball Those are our extremes.

I want you to get around about the five or six mark.  Somewhere in there and then what I want you to do is just do some nice easy back and through shots.  Not a full swing.  Nothing like that, no more than say, a nine to three style shot and I want you to have nice soft hands.

We are just going to go back and through and you can see how the ball just pops off the face. Now, in saying that, you have to make sure that your technique is right.  I’m not saying to have soft hands and then go and do whatever it is that you do because I don’t know what you are actually doing.  I haven’t seen you.  If you are doing your pitch shot technique correctly, you can have nice soft hands and then you can go back and through just allowing the ball to pop off the face of the club.

When you start to develop that softness you can start to create nice chip shots over the bunkers.  You can create nice pitch shots. Even your swing, your full swing is just nice and easy.

Even when you go and play a full swing. Even if you are going to have a full swing and you’ve got nice soft hands and you actually do your action, woo, how easy is that.

It just happens, it’s nice and easy.  Again in saying that, you have to make sure that your technique is right.  But if you can create some softness in your hands, I will guarantee that you will hit the ball better already. Guarantee it.

That’s what I want you to go and work on, go and create those soft hands, nice easy pitch shot and then I want you to leave a comment saying, "you know what Tiff, I tried it and it works."

That is a secret to playing good golf. I don’t give away too many secrets but that’s one of them.

That is your tip from Tiff for today.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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