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#94 Web TV: Star Wars R2D2 And Golf - What's In Common?

Star Wars R2D2 and your golf what do they have in common? Hey, can R2D2 actually help your golf? Find out below.

Now, I’ve got a little guy here called R2-D2 from Star Wars.  How is he going to help you improve your concentration for your golf so that you have an absolutely awesome 2016, or an absolutely awesome performance at any time not even 2016, we’re talking 2016 and beyond.

I thought today would be the perfect day to start our journey.  Our journey for 2016 so that we have an absolutely awesome year.  Awesome year for our golf.

So, we are going to use little Star Wars R2-D2 and he is going to help you improve your concentration.

Now, how I discovered Star Wars R2 D2 was that my cool Mum bought her granddaughter Evelyn, my niece, lots of star wars gifts and R2-D2 happened to be one of them.  Anyway, R2-D2 has this little game in him and I’ll explain it in a moment.  We started playing this game and he is pretty cool, the game, and I went Ooh this is really, really good for concentration.  It also helps you to identify when you lose your concentration because when your mind actually moves on to something else, you are not focused on the task at hand, playing with Star Wars R2D2, then you make a mistake.  That’s what happens when we play golf, isn’t it?

You may not be aware of it.  I have lots of emails and messages which is great and thank you very much, but they tell me about their frustrations with their golf and they feel like they are concentrating all the time.  Other things that come to me is that they don’t have any concentration, they don’t know how to do it.

This little guy (Star Wars R2-D2) is going to help you with the process and plus, it’s a lot of fun. What you have to do to play him is that he tells you when to start and you also see C3PO on it as he is also part of the concentration game.

So, bop it to start, just as he tells you, he gets impatient so he switches off.  He gives you instruction as to what you need to do.  You bop it to start, you may need to twist it, because he’ll say twist it, or you might need to pull it because he tells you to pull it or you might need to pass it.  You don’t need to do anything there as he wants you to pass and not do anything.  It’s really, really cool, it’s fun, it’s groovy but the thing that you will get out of it is that you will be aware of whether you are concentrating on the instructions and doing what you need to do at that moment in time, or, you tune out and you make a mistake.  This is what happens when we play golf.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s bring Star Wars R2D2 into action.  Here we go. (watch video above). There are a list of instructions and he tells you what to do and then you have to follow the instructions.  Either bop it, twist it, pull it and so on.

As you go through the game it gets quicker so you need to listen to the instructions and perform the movements.  Now, you will notice when you play it, you identify whether you can actually focus for a period of time, Star Wars R2D2 will give you a score .

Now, a very good friend of mine, when I gave her an R2-D2 for New Year’s Eve, said what’s that for?  It’s to help your golf. I get messages from her every so often telling what her top score is, getting improvement there and I said to her this will help you concentrate better with you golf and it will also be able to help you to identify when you tune out.

This is what we are going to start with, I hope you will go and invest in one, it doesn’t cost very much, he’s a groovy little dude and I want you to start the journey with your golf this year with better focus, better concentration, and this little guy Star Wars R2D2, as simple as is sounds it going to help you because you will be able to identify when you tune out.  This will also make you aware of what you are doing when you are playing your golf.

I hope you enjoyed little R2-D2 and little C3P0’s little voice in there.  Have a absolutely awesome day and please let me know it you have one or you are going to purchase one and update your scores with me.  My friend sent me a text and I think she has about 84 as her score.

It will be interesting to see what score you can get on the game.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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