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#9 Web TV: Hitting Over the Bunker with Confidence

Hitting Over the Bunker with Confidence

This week's tip I share with you a great practice strategy to overcome the fear of hitting over the bunker. I find that  people freak out when they have to hit the ball over the bunker. They get so worked up about trying to hit it that they end up hitting it into the bunker.

So then the ball goes into the bunker they get even more worked up about hitting the ball out of the bunker.... they are then cursing themselves because the ball has gone into the bunker. They are so angry that they can't think straight and it takes you possibly three shots to get the ball out of the bunker.... and so on!

Does this sound familiar?

Watch the video above and discover how you can overcome this fear and begin hitting the ball over the bunker with confidence.

To your golfing success,

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