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#88 Web TV: How To Chip Consistently

how to chip consistently.

So you would have seen a video from me talking about that nice simple back and through action and then just holding the finish.

Remember that one?

What we wanna do now is let’s think about creating some consistency with your chipping stroke.

Now in order for you to be able to do it with the same club that you use... let's say a sand wedge as I’ve got a sand wedge in my hand.

So in order for you to create the same result from your sand wedge this time, it means you are going to do the same action.

I want you to think about the seven to five swing and we will finish the same way. That’s it!

Something really really simple.

Set up and have the ball line in the centre of your chest and just put your hand slightly forward in line with your left leg and then we just perform a seven, five, hold!

Keep repeating the action over and over again... seven,  five and then holding that finish.

So what the plan here is that we’re starting to develop consistency.

You know that chipping consistency that everyone is searching for!

How we develop consistency?

What is it that you need to do... let's repeat it here. You need to make sure you are going back and through then holding the finish.

This chipping technique seven, five hold is something really simple and easy that you can go work on.

Get out there and work on that chipping stroke… SEVEN – FIVE– HOLD!

To your golfing success,

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