#87 Web TV: A Simple Way To Improve Your Chipping

A simple way in which you can improve your chipping.

Today's tip is really designed to develop confidence in your chipping.

What I see with many golfers is that when they get close to the green and there is an opportunity to do a chip shot... there appears to be a bit of fear around that shot.

It is the fear of making a mistake... and especially if you are nervous with your chipping anyway then the fear becomes greater.

Because you get yourself caught up in that fear the mistake happens anyway... you will either duff it or you will see it sculling across the green and you will be waving bye bye to the ball... dreaded with fear that you have to go through that whole process again.

Now this problem can be fixed... but it will take some practice.

The first step for you right now is to trust yourself with this action. Golf is a mental game which I am very sure that you are aware of. So the first step is that you are going to have to learn to trust yourself.

The second step is that you are going to trust the decision that you make and trust you that you can do it.

The third step is that you are going to have to commit to your chipping shot.


When you perform a chipping action you want to ensure that you have the motion of going straight back and straight through. At the end of that chipping stroke you want to HOLD you finish!

When you are working on this action don't worry too much about the hole... just work on getting the action right because you will need to develop confidence with this action.

So once you are set up this is what you want to do... this will be your little mantra.


That's as simple as that.

Get out there and work on that chipping stroke... BACK - THROUGH - HOLD!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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