#84 Web TV: Is Your Golf Alignment Correct?

Is you golf alignment correct in your game?

This is something that I see quite often... you line up for your shot... you do your practice swing (as you know I am a big fan of practice swings), you play your shot and then the ball ends up somewhere else.

Yes the ball goes somewhere else not where you had planned!

You then have a go at yourself, you tell yourself off... you tell yourself you are a bad golfer etc.

Sound familiar?

But... do you check your golf alignment after you have played your shot?

Do you then analyze to discover what had happened?

Would you work out why the ball went right or left?

You may find that your golf alignment is reasonably good.

You may find that you have hit a straight ball... but the problem has occurred with your golf alignment. You may have aimed to hit your shot right or left.

But do you ever check your golf alignment to discover what has happened?

Let's have an example.

Just say you are ready to play your shot. You go through and do your practice swing, you get set and play your shot. But you have noticed that the ball has gone right. So the ball has gone into the water on the right! At first you are disappointed as you thought your were playing your ball straight towards the green... but then you lay the club down in line with your feet... you walk away from that line and what do you discover?

You discover that your golf alignment was incorrect and facing to the right. You have actually hit a straight ball.

So the point here is to first start analyzing your game... start getting feedback on your golf alignment.

The plan is first to know what the problem... then once you know what is going wrong then you can fix it.

This is the first step in correcting your golf alignment.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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