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#82 Web TV: Here's A Tip To Play Better Golf

Here is a simple tip to play better golf.

If you want to play better golf you need to be focusing on the most important thing in golf.

But what could that particular thing be?

Could it be...

  • your grip?
  • your set up?
  • the way you make contact with the ball?
  • good feet position?
  • good technique?

There is so much to think about right?

So the thing I want you to concentrate on right now... is only one particular thing.

That is making sure the when you are getting set for the ball, and you are ready to hit your shot... that the club is going to make contact with the grass just before you are going to make contact with the ball.

I will explain... how to play better golf with this...

When the bottom of the club (known as the sole) touches the grass... the golf ball then climbs up onto the club face... then the golf ball and then it lifts up into the air.

If however you were to have the bottom of the club face come through and make contact with the golf ball with the leading edge of the club... which means this leading edge hits the centre of the ball or the top of the ball, the ball cannot climb up the club face. That is why the ball shoots off really low. You won't get any elevation from the ball.

If you were to view the video above... you will see a demonstration hitting the grass with the club just before the ball.

So to play better golf... you need the bottom of the club to hit the grass... the ball then climbs up onto the club face... the golf ball then launches off the club face into the air... all to plan.

This you can do without changing your technique and look forward to play better golf.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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