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#75 Web TV: Here's Another Way on How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Here's Another Way on How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

Today's tip is showing you another way how you can hit the golf ball nice and straight with your full swing, a punch shot, you can even apply this to a pitch shot.

What I am seeing with most golfers is that they are not really aware of what their body is actually doing, they are not aware of what their arms are doing, their hips or really their body.

In order for you to improve any part of your game you really need to become aware of what your body is doing.

Why do you think that the professional golfers or even athletes in general, this is because they are aware of what positions their body is in when they are doing a specific skill.

So in order for you to improve your swing for example as we are looking at today, just start to become more aware of your body and what positions it actually needs to be in so that you can play your best possible shot.

Let's get into today's tip...

I am going to show you what you really need to be doing with your take away position so that you can hit a straight ball.

This is what you need to do here;

  • Set Up over the golf ball.
  • Take your golf club back to 9 o'clock, so that your left arm is straight.
  • Now when you take the club back, it should be straight back (refer to video)
  • Once you are in that position then you turn back through the ball and make contact with the ball
  • Make sure that you follow the ball with the club

It is really as easy as that.

You do really need to ensure that the club face is square on contact as well but that is all you need to do.

If you get really good at this it will improve your golf swing and it will become more consistent.

Remember though that the only way you can improve your golf game is to spend the time on it and practicing the right things.

So here is to you to hit a golf ball straight!

I would love you to share with me how you are hitting your golf ball straight after you have spent some time working on this drill.

Make sure you view the video above on how to hit a golf ball straight.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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