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#74 Web TV: How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight

How to Hit  a Golf Ball Straight...

This week's tip I want to share a drill with you how you can hit a golf ball straight.

When I see golfers playing on the course...I see that they experience a few issues when making contact with the ball. I call it a short cut. They tend not to make good solid contact with the ball...and only give the ball a split of a split second on the club face. Therefore the contact with the ball is not as good as it could be. When you don't make good solid contact with the feels clunky.

I am going to give you a drill so that you can hit the ball straight. You want to be able to feel what your arms need to do when you make contact with the ball.

Here is what you need to do set up for the drill;

  • Take your set up position with your 8 iron
  • Once you are the ball on the outside of the left foot
  • Set your club in line with the centre of your chest

Once you are set in your set up position, you are going to perform a half swing back. Now when you bring the club forward towards the ball, you want to make sure you bring the club through, keeping the club face square...and continue forward through the ball for as long as you can.

Remember the ball has been set up on the outside of the left foot (your front foot) on purpose because you want to have to extend your arms forward through the ball. If you not making contact with the ball in this drill then you are not getting the extension with your arms to make contact with the ball.

I would love you to share with me how you are hitting your golf ball straight after you have spent some time working on this drill. Make sure you view the video above on how to hit a golf ball straight.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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