#70 Web TV: How to Improve Your Chipping Technique for Consistency

Finally there is a way to improve your chipping technique for consistency that lasts!

In today's tip we are going to look at a way we can get your chipping technique more consistent...but in order for you to do will have to practice it! Yes the P word...Practice!

The inspiration for today's tip was watching golfers playing their game and I became very concerned about what I saw. I have a lot of players who tell me that they can't get consistency with their chipping yet are so unaware of what their body is doing!

You see, golf is a technical game and in order for you to play it well, you need to make sure that you are aware of what your body is doing. In order to fix the problem you need to know and be aware of what you are doing wrong...then you need to know how to fix the problem.

So today we are going to look at your body position for your chip shot in order for you to be consistent with your chipping technique.

When you set up to play your chip shot, you need to make sure that once you are set ready to play your shot, you maintain the same body position over the ball. What concerns me is that, when I am watching golfers play their shots, I see a lot of up and down movement with their upper body. It is as though they are attempting to lift the ball up with their body and even scoop up the ball with the arms and the wrists. Hence the inconsistency with the shots.

What I would like to see when you set up over the ball is that;

  • you have taken your chip shot stance,
  • your body is tilted forward over the ball
  • your left arm is straight
  • your spine is straight when tilted, not slouched

Once you are set to go I want to then see you;

  • Perform your chip shot, straight back and straight through motion
  • But your upper body stays on the same spine angle as your set up
  • So once you perform your shot you still are tilted forward over the ball
  • You actually stay there in maintaining the same spine angle once you have performed your shot

By repeating this action you then end up again with a consistent action with the ball.

The best way to see what to do is to watch the video above as you can really see what I am talking about in order to improve your chipping technique.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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