#69 Web TV: Chipping In The Hole

Chipping in the hole!

Today's tip is all about chipping the ball in the hole and getting the ball close to the hole.

In order to get the ball to go to the hole you need to line up the ball.

Now for obvious reasons (you can't touch the ball off the green if you are new to golf) you can't mark the ball and line the line up on the ball to go where you want it to go like you can with putting.

The issue I see that golfers don't get the right direction for their chip shots is because they don't take the time to stand behind the ball, like about 4 metres, and take their time to get the line right. I see many golfers just stand over the top of the ball, line their shoulders up with the hole possibly their feet and then away they go and chip the ball. More times than not their line is not correct and they miss the hole. Majority of the time I see those golfers blame their chip shot.

For example I was watching a group of ladies playing this morning and they did this very thing. Didn't take time to line up their ball, didn't line their clubface and feet line to where they needed the ball to go...then missed the hole and blamed their chip shot. It actually had nothing to do with their technique. Their chipping technique was quite good, but they didn't take the time to line up, read the slope of the green and hence ended up with a not so good result.

I always say that golf is a game of accuracy and measurements. If you don't have those two areas worked out in your golf game then you are going to struggle. That is just reality!

Here is the major point I am going to get a cross to you today...

YOUR CLUB FACE must line up with where you want the ball to go!

Once your club face is lined up in the direction, then you get your feet line to match the club face line.

Not the opposite, you don't line your feet line up first then get your club face to match...YOU line up YOUR CLUB FACE first, then you get your FEET LINE to match your club face.

If you review the video above I have demonstrated to you with two rulers how you can see how to line up your club face and feet line.

What you will see is that I have lined up the club face left of the hole with a ruler over the top of the ball to show you the line, the direction in which the ball will go. I then place a second ruler down that will match the club face line, this is for my will see that both the rulers form a tram line.

The point I am making in this video is that you must be particular to line up your ball. You must take the time to line up the direction you want your chip shot to go! Which is of course chipping in the hole!

When you practice, don't just wander up to the chipping green and just chip the ball for the sake of it. Start training yourself to line up to chip the ball to the hole. Start reading the green, take note of your surroundings. If you begin to do this in practice, it will begin to help you in competition time and practice on the course. This will get you to start focusing and being particular and precise to when you are lining up the ball.

Now if you can start chipping in the hole in practice, you can most definitely chip in during your competition time. You just have to spend the time yes...practicing it!

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Here is to you chipping in the hole!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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