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#60 Web TV: Nullarbor Links - The World's Longest Golf Course Australia - Day 3

Nullarbor Links - The World's Longest Golf Course Australia - Day 3

Due to the time change which means we had gained a bit of time we were awake at 5am in the morning so what do you do when you are awake so early?

Yes you go and play golf!

We stayed at Fraser Range Station overnight...fantastic place to stay if you are looking for somewhere different. We had bangers and mash for dinner with ice cream and jelly for desert.

This first hole for the morning and our hole number 13 was at Fraser Range Station.


Fraser Range Station - Nullarbor Links

Hole 13: Sheep's Back -  Par 3 - 141m

This hole is situation on Fraser range sheep station. We started at 6.30 in the morning on this hole. A bit of a cool wind.

This hole is a straight hole, slight downhill shot, so my suggestion is chose a club one to two clubs shorter depending on the wind. The ball does run a bit being downhill.

The synthetic grass green does have a left to right turn if you are at the front of the green.

Fantastic hole though, you are playing in the middle of nowhere but for the odd kangaroo that hops past.

From here it was about a 90km drive onto Norseman for our next two holes…

Norseman Golf Club - Nullarbor Links

Hole 14: Ngadju - Par 5 - 463m

This is at the golf club which is barren and sparse, just up towards the salt lakes…no water in the lakes though.

I loved the hole all you really need to do here is play the ball up the right side of the fairway, you will need 3 good shots to the green. It does dogleg left, but once you get passed the corner all you need to do here is play straight to the middle of the synthetic grass green.

It is really a great golf hole, if they were able to grow grass it would be an incredible hole.

Hole 15: Golden Horse - Par 4 - 385m

This hole takes you back the Norseman Golf Clubhouse.

Again you need to play your tee shot down the right hand side of the fairway, as it has a sharp dogleg left to the synthetic grass green . The green is really tucked away on the left hand side of the fairway so is a real challenge.

Both theses holes were really great to play on, you had to be very strategic to where you played your shot. Both holes you need to play up the right side of the fairway to give yourself an opportunity to play at the green.

The other groovy thing here you can drive your car up the side of both fairways. Who needs a golf cart when you can use your car!

Back in the car heading towards our second last destination and our third last hole…on to Kambalda which is approximately 130km.

Kambalda Golf Club - Nullarbor Links

Hole 16: Silver Lake - Par 4 - 392m

Now you know that you are in the desert here. We got here around 11.30 in the morning to play this was mighty hot. Make sure you put sunscreen on for this hole, you can burn within 5 minutes.

When we teed off a few members had just come in, we now know why they were finishing up… it was so hot!!

So this hole you play up the dirt or you could really say the desert. There are both men's and ladies tees. Ladies tees are about 50m forward. You do get a lot of run here. You need to play your tee shot up the right hand side of the fairway, as it is a dogleg hole to the left.

You should be able to get around the 150m mark, then you have a clear shot to the green...well the dirt green. There are two dirt mounds just in front of the green, so if you can hit the ball in between these the ball should run up to the green.

Just make sure you take a towel with you for the scraper, as when you have the desert sun boiling down over the top it is a little hot to handle.

Check out the green above... if you look hard you can see the yellow flag on the dirt green.

We couldn’t wait to get back to the car to get an ice cold bottle of water out of the eske…we needed to cool down a bout after playing in the midday heat!

Back in the cool air conditioned car for our last 50km drive to Kalgoorlie…

Kalgoorlie Golf Club - Nullarbor Links

Loved coming into Kalgoorlie Golf Club, as it was exciting to finish the last 2 holes here. We played holes 1 & 2 here....which I call holes 17 & 18 of the Nullarbor Links Course.

Hole17: CY O'Conor - Par 4 - 319m

This is actually the first hole of the Kalgoorlie Golf club. They have tees set up for men and women, plus a hole set up for the Nullarbor Links which we played off the white markers.

This hole has grass, yes actual grass, out in the desert. The fairway is lush and easy to play off, however if you hit your ball off the fairway then, you have hit the hard dirt of the desert. And the desert is that red hard dirt, so a little challenging to hit off, but if you keep your head down and focus you have play the shot that you want.

To play this hole hit your tee shot straight down the middle of this fairway, your second shot hit to the middle of the green. You do encounter bunkers on the left side of the green for the first time on the Nullarbor Links Course. So if you are a confident player hitting over the bunker onto the green will be a straight forward task, however you can play the ball up the right hand side of the fairway keeping you clear of the bunkers so that you ball can run up onto the green.

Hole 18: Golden Mile - Par 5 - 450m

This is the second hole at Kalgoorlie but our last hole of the Nullarbor Links Course. This par 5 hole doglegs right. You will see two bunkers up the left hand side of the fairway so you will need to line up to hit the ball to the right bunker down that left hand side. You have many gum trees on your right with one huge tree on the corner so you will want to hit at that bunker.

However if you are a big hitter you can clear the trees and take a short cut over so you cut the corner.

 Your second shot again play straight up the fairway and third shot but of course onto the green.

 It did take us 3 days to play this course. You can do it quite comfortably in 3 days. We took longer throughout the days as I was videoing and taking photos of each hole as I wanted to share the experience.

We felt as though we played a 3 day tournament, but it is well worth the adventure. It will be like nothing you have ever played before, that is if you are used to grass on the fairways and is a whole new experience.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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