#56 Web TV: How to Transfer Weight in Golf Swing & Stop Losing Balance

How to Transfer Weight in Golf Swing & Stop Losing Balance

Today's tip we are going to work on is how to transfer weight in golf swing and stop losing balance when you are performing your golf swing.

What inspired this tip was watching some ladies playing out on the golf course that I teach and there was very little movement forward on the the front foot (left foot) when they hit their shot...performed their golf swing.

The problem that was happening was that they relied on their arms to hit the ball, there was no hip turn or if there was a little hip turn they tended to stay back on their back foot (right foot). The other issue was then because of the lack of transferring the body weight forward onto the front foot, they started to flick their wrists at the then the ball was being topped and hitting right, left and inconsistently.

Now this doesn't only happen with ladies, I see many of the men out on the golf course as well just hitting the ball the same way...playing the shot off the back foot (right foot), or pulling the body weight backwards so all the body weight is still on the right foot...then relying on the arms and wrists to then just flick at the ball.

It's a very difficult shot to play consistently...well to be honest it won't happen consistently and then it will just be pot luck if you make good contact with the ball and hit the ball to go straight.

In saying that this is what we need to do to improve is the balance in the golf swing.

By improving your balance in your golf swing, you will then play more consistent shots and hit the ball straighter. Of course there may be some other issues in the golf swing...but let's make sure your balance is working in the correct way.

When you play your golf shots, what you need to feel in your shot is that the weight transferred to the front foot (left foot) should actually be felt on the left side of the the centre of the foot.

In order to do this, you want to play very short shots...or half swings. Don't jump straight into a full swing for this tip as it won't work.

So this is what I want you to do...

When you set up to the ball, bring the club back to the 9 o'clock area...once you have brought the club back to that area you then turn your left hip left...bring the club through, make contact with the ball then finish on the left side. Once you have made contact with the ball keep the weight on that left side and hold the position on that left side. Don't come up and finish the swing just maintain that hold position.

Your left side should feel strong and secure once you have played the half golf swing shot.

Once you start feeling the transfer of the weight forward to the left foot...and you are maintaining the balance in the half golf swing...then you implement it into the golf swing.

The secret to it though is once you have made contact with the ball you maintain your balance on the left side for as long as you can...don't worry about rushing up to finish your golf's all about keeping the balance.

The best thing that you can do right now is to check out the video above and see the visual on what you need to's the best way to learn.

Watch the video and then go and practice...

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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