#52 Web TV: How to Chip With Consistency & Balance

How to Chip With Consistency & Balance

This week's tip I am showing you how to chip with better consistency and balance.

When golfers chip they tend to get inconsistent results purely from lack of follow through and yes even poor balance.

I am sure you haven't considered that your balance could also affect your chips shots, but yes they can.

Golf is such a precise game that a slight movement the wrong way can affect the shot and the result of the ball.

So what we are going to do here is to test your balance and also how you actually chip the ball. You need to get feedback from what you are doing so that you know and you are aware of how you chip.

What I want you to do is to set yourself up on the fringe of the green (well really you can do this anywhere), with approximately 10 balls.

Now you set yourself up for your chipping set up position and line the ball up with your left foot...if you are a left hand golfer line the ball up with your right foot.

Stand on your left foot only then perform your chipping stroke.

What I want you to check are two things once you have performed your chip shot;

  1. Could you maintain balance on your left foot?
  2. What was your chipping stroke like? - did you follow through with your chip shot or did you flick your wrists?

Now if you could maintain your balance, well done!

How was the result of your actual chip shot...not the result of the ball?

It is really important to be aware whether you are flicking your wrists or keeping your wrists straight.

The answer I wanted to hear from you is that your wrists stayed straight with the chip shot and you kept your balance.

If you are not sure how to keep your arms in position when you play your chip shot, it is time to view this video above and see what you need to do. Take notes and actually watch how the chip shot is actually performed.

And by the way, work on the balance...it is essential!

Enjoy the practice.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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