#49 Web TV: How to Get More Balance In Your Golf Swing By Using the Muscles in Your Feet

How to Get More Balance In Your Golf Swing By Using the Muscles in Your Feet

Welcome to this week's tip. What we are looking at is how to get more balance in your golf swing from the using the muscles in your feet.

Why use the muscles in your feet?

Well, what made me more aware of using my feet muscles was my chiropractor. Being a former tennis player and I still tennis coach by the way... I always had a lot of feet issues. I had plantar fasciitis issues for years! And yes it was from playing tennis, but it was from actually not running properly and also not using the muscles in my feet properly. It was an eye opener to me! For years I had treatment for my feet but no one ever talked about strengthening and using my feet muscles! So over the past year my feet have gone from strength to strength and I learned to run a new technique which again has made all the difference, not only that I can run and recover without any pain!

All sounds pretty obvious to me now!

This is what inspired me to put this video together for you today!

What you need to make sure in your golf swing is that you have good balance and can maintain good balance in your golf swing.

In order to do that you need to make sure you are using the muscles in your feet to do so. You see you need to ensure the muscles in your feet and your toes are gripping onto the ground so that you are completely stable. I compare it to feeling like you are a monkey gripping onto the branch with the bottom of your feet, you are not going to let go of that branch are you? So you want to get that feeling with the muscles in your feet and your toes, grip onto the ground like you are not going to let go!

Now that stability that you will gain from using the muscles in your feet, you will notice that your golf swing will be much more controlled, your body won't be swaying back and forth, you will also feel like you will generate some power out of your golf swing!

So don't wait any longer, check out the video above and find out how you actually get those muscles working and hit stronger shots!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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