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#45 Web TV: Hit the Beach To Work On Your Bunker Shots

Hit the Beach To Work On Your Bunker Shots

I love the fact that you don't have to be at the golf course to practice all of your shots.

It's all about being really creative to make your game work for you.

This week, yes we have hit the beach again to take the pressure off practicing the bunker shot.

This is really a follow on from last week's tip, but do not despair if you are not at the beach or can't access the beach. Just hit your local golf course and take off your shoes. You want to feel your bunker shot with your bare feet.

This is a great drill to practice, as we are working on your contact with the sand and the ball. Remember you do not hit the ball in the bunker, well when you are in a green side bunker. If you are on the fairway it's a different story.

So get off the shoes, grab your golf club and some balls ready to hit the beach for some bunker practice.

Hope to see you soon!

To your golfing success,

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