#38 Web TV: Keep Your Spine in a Safer Posture for Your Golf Swing

Keep Your Spine in a Safer Posture for Your Golf Swing

This week's tip I am showing you an exercise to show you how to position your pelvis properly so that it can keep your spine in a safer posture throughout the golf swing.  By doing this it allows you to transfer your weight to your front leg (left leg if you are a right handed golfer or right leg if you are a left handed golfer) when making contact and finishing your golf swing.

The reason I am sharing this tip with you because it is important to learn how to move the pelvis area. This is really important because it can assist in preventing back pain and as I mentioned above transferring your weight to front leg at contact with the ball and the finish of the swing.

Many golfers tend to get a bit stuck because they don't know how to set their pelvis in the correct position when setting up to hit the golf ball, so once your pelvis area gets stuck in the swing there can be more stress placed on the joints in the lower back and then you can experience lower back tightness and even pain.

My aim is to make sure you are getting the best out of your golf swing.... so if you can work on positioning your pelvis area better in the swing, then your golf swing will benefit and you won't be in pain....

To find out what to do check out the video above and let me know how you are going with it.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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