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#35 Web TV: An Exercise for Your Posture for the Golf Swing

An Exercise for Your Posture for the Golf Swing

Last week you got to see how your posture should be when you set up for your golf swing.

How did you go? Was the posture you had correct?

Well, this week's tip is a follow on from that, making sure that our posture is correct by making sure we learn how to use our muscles in our back, abdominal muscles & yes the pelvis.

Many golfers tend to get stiff in the lower back, don't know how to use the abdominal muscles & possibly never though about using the pelvis in the golf swing, but this week I will show you what you can work on!

This is surprisingly easy, I am sure you have seen this exercise many times in the past.....

Today is the right time to start using it!

Let me know how you go, looking forward to hearing from you.

So, enjoy the video and let me know if you had to make any adjustments, or possibly no adjustments?

Have a great golf day!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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